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As an accredited member of AFAVE you will be embraced as part of a global network of professionals who will provide a wealth of support and knowledge to further your advancement.

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  • Achieve professional recognition and status at the level appropriate for your experience and qualifications
  • Become part of and gain access to a global network of professionals, leaders and aspiring professionals in your field
  • Be part of high quality training and networking events internationally
  • Have access to leading research
  • Gain early access and exposure to an array of jobs globally

Your Membership Inclusions

  • Executive networking opportunities
  • Discount access to AFAVE Master Classes in selected regions
  • Privileged access to AFAVE Executive functions
  • Complimentary invitation to join international and local country committees for eligible members
  • Regular information on vacancies of board positions as they arise
  • Monthly Afave Executive News
  • Online forums with subject matter experts and heavily discounted packages for you (coming soon)
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  • Post nominals: FFAVE
  • For those with 7-10 years of professional experience. This is the standard pinnacle of the profession which most experienced dispute managers should aim for.
  • You are currently a Barrister/Counsel in the construction, engineering and heavy engineering sectors or have Chartered status as an Arbitrator Engineer/Quantity Surveyor/Builder/Forensic Delay Analyst or Certified Accountant and you have a seat on an arbitration and/or an adjudication panel).

FELLOW (Emeritus)

  • Post nominals: FFAVE(Emeritus)
  • For those who have a significant professional standing and reputation in their chosen industry. Such as professors, PhD holders, authors, relevant political or lobbying agenda’s, known respected practitioners and business leaders.
  • Emeritus membership status is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and requires no formal membership assessment.

FELLOW (Master)

  • Post nominals: FFAVE(Master)
  • For those with over 10 years of professional experience. You will be required to achieve the level of Fellow. Your application will stand above a usual Fellow as your skill set will show evidence of being appointed as an arbitrator, Counsel, statutory adjudicator, mediator, dispute board adjudicator or similar. 
  • You will provide documentary evidence that you are at the pinnacle of high level disputes management in your country or internationally.


  • Post nominals: MFAVE
  • For those with more than 3 years and less than 7 years of accumulated relevant experience. This is the standard to which most competent applicants will be admitted.
  • You are currently a Chartered Engineer/ Quantity Surveyor, Civil Engineering Surveyor or a Certified Cost Engineer, Chartered or Certified Accountant or Planning professional such as MAPM/PMP or Licensed Engineer, Architect, Chartered Project Manager.


  • Post Nominals: AAFAVE
  • This is the level at which those should apply that are do not yet meet all the required criteria but can substantiate a large proportion of the required membership criteria.
  • If you are working towards your Master’s degree or Chartership or license and don’t yet have at least 3 years of experience in disputes then you will assessed at Associate level and be requested to provide annual updates. 
  • At this stage of your career it’s not expected that you will have completed any Diploma in arbitration or adjudication yet.

As professionals we appreciate you are busy we have therefore designed a clear set of guidelines developed by leading specialists internationally with the professional in mind. These are linked to the AFAVE seamless assessment process for all new and prospective members.

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